To everyone visiting K-Arena Yokohama

Thank you for always visiting our facility.
We deeply regret that the incident that occurred at our facility on November 23rd caused anxiety to many people, including those who attended the event.
As previously reported, the police have announced that there was no stabbing and it was not an incident because the woman explained that she stabbed herself and the security camera footage of the facility did not show a knife attack.
Since the police are currently investigating this matter, we have declined to comment from the event organizer or our company. We hope you understand.
In addition, regarding the time it took to exit the venue as reported recently, 20,000 customers were directed to Minato Mirai Station, which is less crowded, and some sidewalk widening work was carried out, resulting in 20,000 customers leaving the venue after the performance. We are working to improve the route by taking approximately 40 to 50 minutes to reach the sidewalk. We will continue to work with event organizers to make efforts to alleviate crowding, such as asking for regulated exits and reconsidering exit routes.
We will continue to actively work to create an environment where you can enjoy live concerts with peace of mind and improve facility management.